About Us

Our Commitment

Essandore Care Group is a person centred organisation and we are totally committed to delivering an individual needs solutions to all Children, Young People and Adults in our care.

Our Mission is to provide all people with the best care possible, offering a homely environment that encourages fulfilment, empowerment and positive outcomes through the establishment of individualised support and person centred care plans.

We believe in the rights of children, young people and adults with disabilities that they should have the appropriate person centred care plans and support networks designed to enable them to achieve an exciting, rich and fulfilling life.

This ensures that we are completely focused about the services, support and positive outcomes that each person requires.

Why Choose Essandore Care

What really sets us apart is the quality of the people we employ, their commitment, their expertise and their determination to make a real difference to everyone we support.

Their enthusiasm and commitment are key to ensuring that we improve the quality of life of all people we support within their community. Our person centred approach and commitment to deliver a high level of care and support means our staff will plan and implement services that are sensitive to the needs of each individual.

We provide a flexible service and will specifically design support programmes and hours to meet the needs and activity plans of each individual.